A Whole Whirlwind of Change with John de Ruiter

By Michael Wallace

John de Ruiter is an amazing teacher; applying his teaching has affected every aspect of my life. It affects my relationships, my way of being in the world, and my approach to the studies I’m currently doing. Because of an inner re-orientation towards life, I’m relying on my inner knowing. I’m drawing from within in relating with everyone and everything. I’m coming from a different place than the accustomed self I’ve been living from most of my life. I have moved into—and becoming stable in—a place of not-self. John speaks of, “Being planted in knowing.” Coming from inner knowing describes my experience exactly. For example, when I am listening to someone speak to me, I am not immediately reacting to what they say or thinking what to reply. I am letting what I hear enter me and move me before I respond to it. Then I am naturally responding from something new, rather than something old, from a fresh response, an un-planned, un-thought-through response.

How My Relationship Has Changed

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Real Relationship

By Jolaine on a John de Ruiter meeting in Canada, January 2012–

Recently I had the opportunity to be at a meeting with John de Ruiter.  There was the most amazing talk about relationship that had to be shared.  The talk came from the question of a woman physician and Mother of two.  I was touched by her sincerity and concern for her relationship with her husband, Bruno.

With sweetness and some hesitation, Tali asks her question.  “Sometimes I find myself in a position of nagging Bruno about coming here to talk to you.  My sense is that sometimes he’s not quite in line with the process.  I don’t want to be judgmental of him, but I do find we’re losing direction.  I know he doesn’t like to be told, but I sometimes think we’re losing direction and it’s really important.”

After connecting from a deep stillness, John responds, “It is something that you know he is to do?  If you’re clear about that, don’t use your person or your self to administer your clarity.  Give what you are knowing to him.  What you are knowing the truth of.  Give it with a heart of inexperience.  If you include your experienced self, your experienced person, then you’ll be making rightness personal.  You’ll be judgmental and nagging.  You’ll be telling him what to do for personal reasons even though based on what you know the truth of.

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Living Real Value

By Caroline Hendley

For me it is about living real value.  In whatever I do, experience or participate in, within I see what is of real value and put my attention there.  For example, there is much going on at work and  some days there is lots of stress.  I see old, familiar ways to respond to the stress, and I also see I don’t have to react in that way. I see the real value and opportunity is to be something more and to express from there.

That more is stillness.  It’s that little gem or light underneath everything that is always there regardless of what is going on above it.  I can more and more recognize that stillness, even though  my mind or emotions may prompt me to go somewhere else.

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