Being What I’m Born to Be

By Jerry Rothenberg

On a fundamental level, being around John has helped me see that I am much more than what my thoughts and feelings tell me.  The limits I put on myself about what I can be in the world or with others have changed and expanded.  Stepping out of my old identity opens up a spaciousness inside that is like being a free self.  I’m now able to be in the world in a way that is new, spontaneous and caring.

This shows up in every aspect of my living.  In my work, for example, I’m not limited by a pattern of how I am supposed to be as a therapist.  This allows me to relate to my clients from a different base inside myself.  There is an openness and fearlessness and deep compassion that is present in how I move in communication with clients.  So in the sessions there is a tremendous richness that endlessly surprises me.

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It’s All in the Little

By Andrea Geitz

When I met John 14 years ago, I was at an impasse in my life.  Since my early 20’s I’d been engaged in spiritual, self-improvement endeavours exploring  many different paths and disciplines.  By the end of the 90’s I yearned for greater depth and meaning.  And though I always had the opinion that it was not necessary to have a teacher in order to know Truth, my heart wanted an intimate relationship with a teacher who could show me the way.  I met John de Ruiter in 1998.

Our first meeting wasn’t remarkable,  no revelations of Truth and enlightenment.  Rather, there was a quiet knowing, a small and subtle response to his call to ‘home’.  For many years I thought my lack of spiritual firework experiences meant I wasn’t getting it.  Now I know the truth of John’s  encouraging words, “It’s all in the little….Openness and softness of heart is of more value than awakening and enlightenment.”

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Letting Boundaries Go

By Anonymous

As a project manager I have to be adept in many areas; communications, financial management, relating to people, conflict management, planning and it goes on and on. Being with John provides a foundation that supports all those levels. It has given greater abilities in all those aspects. I’m aware of something deeper, and that being present through the day. I am discovering that I am able to focus in the middle of a busy daily schedule that is chaotic, ad-hoc and unregulated. That I can communicate freely with the large number of people I work with. And even when an interaction is not positive, I have a greater understanding of what is driving the dynamic.

Before I met John I was influenced by my history of shyness and being self-conscious. And that was a hindrance in my relationships with people. Through my contact with John I am able to get out of my own way, to develop in a more wholesome way. That has enabled me to easily relate to people in my work. It’s the joy of fulfillment, a development that was hindered previously by my self-consciousness, can now proceed more naturally.

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