It’s All in the Little

By Andrea Geitz

When I met John 14 years ago, I was at an impasse in my life.  Since my early 20’s I’d been engaged in spiritual, self-improvement endeavours exploring  many different paths and disciplines.  By the end of the 90’s I yearned for greater depth and meaning.  And though I always had the opinion that it was not necessary to have a teacher in order to know Truth, my heart wanted an intimate relationship with a teacher who could show me the way.  I met John de Ruiter in 1998.

Our first meeting wasn’t remarkable,  no revelations of Truth and enlightenment.  Rather, there was a quiet knowing, a small and subtle response to his call to ‘home’.  For many years I thought my lack of spiritual firework experiences meant I wasn’t getting it.  Now I know the truth of John’s  encouraging words, “It’s all in the little….Openness and softness of heart is of more value than awakening and enlightenment.”

Through John’s patient, loving and meticulous guidance, I’ve come to value taking care of the small things, like my own reactions and responses to people and occurrences in everyday life.  And, I have discovered, the more I love doing this, the more there is to take care of and the more joy there is in doing so.

A wonderful community has grown up around John.  Being together, engaged in sincere inquiry and joined in our desire to live Truth, the love and support grows and offers deeper value.  Here, I have found the real heart of community that I was always searching for.

Last year my lovely husband died of cancer.  The love and support we experienced from the community was almost overwhelming.  We really had to open and expand in order to receive it.  With John’s guidance what could have been a tragedy unfolded in a most beautiful way.   I experienced my husband’s passing as a gift of love.  It was as though the door to the other side opened and there was an inpouring and outpouring of love that touched all who were close.

I find John’s teachings, and his way of teaching, to be utterly practical.  Though sometimes his words may seem complex, as he gives expression to what is essentially inexpressible, being with him over time reveals an exquisite simplicity amidst life’s awesome complexity.

What is most real, good and true I find here in John, through John, in me.  I’m grateful for my happy heart and for the extraordinary example that John is.

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