Letting Boundaries Go

By Anonymous

As a project manager I have to be adept in many areas; communications, financial management, relating to people, conflict management, planning and it goes on and on. Being with John provides a foundation that supports all those levels. It has given greater abilities in all those aspects. I’m aware of something deeper, and that being present through the day. I am discovering that I am able to focus in the middle of a busy daily schedule that is chaotic, ad-hoc and unregulated. That I can communicate freely with the large number of people I work with. And even when an interaction is not positive, I have a greater understanding of what is driving the dynamic.

Before I met John I was influenced by my history of shyness and being self-conscious. And that was a hindrance in my relationships with people. Through my contact with John I am able to get out of my own way, to develop in a more wholesome way. That has enabled me to easily relate to people in my work. It’s the joy of fulfillment, a development that was hindered previously by my self-consciousness, can now proceed more naturally.

How to Be Sincere

The main challenge for me during my time with John is how to bring the truth and authenticity that I am becoming aware of, to all my layers. How to be and do what I know to, within each layer, how to be only sincere both inside and out. Some places are easy and very quick, thinking about authenticity is easy, embracing it seems obvious. There are dark corners in my inner and outer space. I want to bring that sincerity all the way through, so I can say I’m not hiding something in my back pocket. To really live it in every space within is challenging.

 I’ve been with John since 2000, when I met him in Byron Bay, Australia. I haven’t had what I would recognize as major difficulties in living what John teaches. What John provided was a system that I had never hear of before, that distinguishes and provides a new level of detail to my understanding of what it is to be a human being. The levels or layers are the “you”, the “being”, the “self” and the “person”, with awareness being included in each layer as well. A significant part of this process is for us to work it out for ourselves in our own lives.

John provides a map of the innermost through all the layers to the outermost. That understanding has transformed my life. It provides an integration of the levels so I can base any detail in my life, I can trace that back to the most deep layer. So it provides an integration to everything.

My Relationship with My Wife is Communion

Then there is my relationship with my wife, there is a wonderful communion and closeness and boundary-less-ness that enables relating as oneness to my close partner. This began when John spoke about marriage and removing the back doors. John has introduced the possibility to trust so I can let my boundaries go. When we met John we were not married, and we weren’t fully committed, even though we had been together for 11 years. After being with John we realized the benefit of fully committing to each other, we married as consciously as we could, and that changed everything.

Another area is the embracing of physical love that has promoted the intimacy and cosmic magic between us. John’s emphasis on this has helped us to include the physical as part of our relating and not to neglect that in any way. It is bringing more consciousness to that area of our life. It has resulted in a beautiful closeness and intimacy.

I understood from John to develop my body more, to develop a healthy body as a vehicle in this world in support of my evolution and growth. I was working out before John indicated this, and when i heard this, it focused me more. I have a small gym and work out regularly. It is an integrated part of my daily life.

Today, I attend most meetings with John, 3 or 4 a week. My experience is of a specific progression, evolution and change. At this point I find I have awareness of somewhere in subtle levels that I can’t put a name to, and it is somewhere wonderful, and it is a future. I’m looking forward to being able to describe this and its value in more detail soon.

Huge Gratitude

A huge gratitude to John for coming into my life and into my marriage to Christine. I would always love to have more contact with him, and I also recognize the perfection in how things have and are developing. There has also been wonderful support from the community around John. I continue to invite the new and I know that it is always beyond and more. And I am ready, and looking forward to the future.

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